Technical leaflets on resource efficiency


Technical leaflets on resource efficiency

Technical leaflets on resource efficiency are all available to download in this report. Content includes:

1. Bridging the gap: combining automatic milking and grazing successfully (available in English, Spanish, Swedish)

2. Milk Carbon Footprint: The French case (available in English, Spanish, Finnish)

3. Improved feed efficiency through Compact TMR (available in English, Spanish, Swedish)

4. Forage as a protein source for dairy cows (available in English, Spanish, Finnish)

5. Weeding of maize on the row (available in English, Spanish, Swedish)

6. Optimal use of mineral resources (available in English)

7. Reducing nutrient losses: use of additives in silage production (available in English, Spanish, Finnish)

8. Estimating slurry nutrient content: quick on-site methods (available in English, Spanish, Swedish)

9. Cut and carry: an alternative way to feed home-grown forages (available in English)

10. Eco-efficient milk production: grazing grass as a cheap and environmentally friendly forage source (available in English)