Operational Group

Sustainable Innovations in Agricultural Construction

Operational Group

Sustainable Innovations in Agricultural Construction

Start Date: 01 June 2015

End Date: 31 May 2018

Location: Germany


The process of intensive planning is based on assessment criteria and sub-criteria for sustainable animal housing systems, which were only applied in an elective module in the department of agricultural studies at the University of Applied Science Kiel. Novel ideas for animal housing systems should be assessed in practice to ecological, economic and social sustainability already during the planning phase.

The aim of the OG ' InnoBau ' is to support sustainable innovation in agricultural construction with a new, systematic decision-making process. For this, the group develop and test with participating companies from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, a tool for a systematic planning management, which is suitable for practice.

Coordinator name and contact:

Prof. Dr. Urban Hellmuth, University of applied science Kiel, DE-24783 Osterrönfeld

Tel.: 00 49 4331-845140, [email protected]

Lead Partner:

Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentrum Fachhochschule Kiel GmbH Schwentinestr. 24, DE 24149 Kiel, Björn Lehmann-Matthaei

Tel: 0049 431-2184444, [email protected]

Participating Farmers:

Ernst Metzger-Petersen, Harald und Yannick Rzehak Dirk Kock-Rohwer, Thomas Scharmer und Frank Scholz Jens Olufs, Jörg Riecken

Research and research transfer centers:

University of Kiel, Institut Landwirtschaftliche Verfahrenstechnik - Prof. Dr. Eberhard Hartung

University of applied Science Kiel, FB Agrarwirtschaft - Prof. Dr. Urban Hellmuth

Prof. Dr. Yves Reckleben Prof. Dr. Stefan Krüger

Non profit organisations:

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Landtechnik und Bauwesen SH e.V. Prof. Dr. Urban Hellmuth

Funding organisations:
Wir fordern den ländlichen Raum, eip-agri

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