Operational Group

Hauts de France

Operational Group

Hauts de France

Start Date: 31 December 2016

End Date: 31 December 2018

Location: Arras, France


  • To identify factors and systems favourable to the resilience of dairy farming (social, economic and environmental factors)
  • Create/adapt a tool for farmers to help manage resilience (a tool to evaluate the farm’s resilience)
  • Identify factors for attracting dairy farming to find ways to evaluate and achieve.
  • Stimulate exchanges of knowledge and experience within the operational group and outside the group to disseminate EuroDairy


19 participants in the OG

= farmers, dairy firms elected farmers, research (IDELE), advisers (Chambres d’agriculture, ACE, BTPL), an agricultural school


Coordinator name and contact:
Elisabeth Castellan [email protected]

Number of farms:
12 farms in total - 8 pilot farms

Funding Organisations:
Conseil régional des Hauts de France, Région Hauts-de-France

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