Operational Group

FreeWalk housing systems for dairy cows

Operational Group

FreeWalk housing systems for dairy cows

Start Date: 01 June 2017

End Date: 31 May 2020

Location: Slovenia


  • To research and further develop free walk cattle farming systems that improve animal welfare, longevity and manure quality,
  • Increase capital efficiency, while addressing environmental
  • This system is expected to improve the social and economic resilience of farming.


  • Housing like in meadow - animal welfare and health, society perception
  • Composted material as bedding – re-using and as a soil improver
  • Combination of housing and grazing
  • Diversification / eco-farming - utilization housing facility and bedding material in summer for plant growth or for pigs/poultry


  • UL – Biotechnical Faculty, Dept. of Animal Science (coordinator)
  • 10 farmers (2 case farms, 3 reference farms, 5 pilot farms)
  • Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia – Department for Performance Recording and Breeding (technical advices, milk recording data)


Coordinator :
University of Ljubljana (UL), Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Animal Science, Groblje 3, 1230 Domžale Dr. Marija Klopčič - [email protected]

Funding organisations:
Era-netsusan, Republika Slovenia Ministrstvo Za Kmetijstvo, Gozdarstvo In Prehrano

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