Operational Group

Farmer Action Groups - reducing reliance on antimicrobials

Operational Group

Farmer Action Groups - reducing reliance on antimicrobials

Start Date: 08 February 2016

End Date: 28 February 2019

Location: Bristol, United Kingdom


  • To establish and follow the progress of 5 Farmer Action Groups across the South West of England as they co-create a series of Action Plans to reduce their need and usage of antimicrobials on
  • To understand the barriers and drivers for this sort of participatory project, and how applicable it could be for policy making in this
  • Approximately 35 further meetings to be held to follow up on the farmer-led Action Plans, and to measure and assess how effective they have been in creating real on-farm change (Has there been a reduction in antibiotic use? Has the herd health improved?).
  • Plans are in process to hold a farmer away-day at Bristol Veterinary School to discuss results from the project, and inform policy makers on tacking antimicrobial.

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5 farmer action groups & University of Bristo

Number of farms:
33 farmers

Coordinator :
The project coordinator, Lisa Morgans BVSc MRCVS, is studying for a PhD supervised by Professor D.C.J. Main and Dr K.Reyher at the University of Bristol.

Funding organisations:
AHDB Dairy and The Langford Trust