Operational Group

EuroMaito [EuroMilk] project

Operational Group

EuroMaito [EuroMilk] project

Start Date: 01 January 2017

End Date: 31 December 2018

Location: Maaninka, Finland


  • Develop competitive strength and profitability of dairy farms in Finland
  • Knowledge transfer between farmers, researchers, advisors and education
  • To observe and test good practices in milk production at a practical level
  • Measure the resource efficiency of pilot farms in different levels and ways
    • Forage yields
    • Production costs of silage
    • Overall economy of farm
    • Gate balances
  • Assess animal welfare of pilot farms using welfare quality protocol
  • Assess biodiversity levels of pilot farms


Savonia University of Applied Sciences and ProAgria Rural Advisory Services.



Coordinator name and contact:
Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), [email protected]

Number of farms:
12 pilot farms

Funding Organisations:
The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, Europe investing in rural areas, Valio Osuuskunta ItäMaito, Hankkija, Atria Nauta, faba, Suonentieto

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