Operational Group

Circular Dairy – Achterhoek/Liemers

Operational Group

Circular Dairy – Achterhoek/Liemers

Start Date: 01 January 2014

End Date: 31 December 2019

Location: Roessinkweg , Netherlands

Objective: A regional positioning of a sustainable Agricultural area by:

    • Improving nutrient use efficiency at a farm and regional level
    • Improving soil fertility and water use efficiency
    • Knowledge exchange
    • Multi-actor approach

Photo: Vruchtbare Kringloop Achterhoek/Liemers


LTO Noord, ForFarmers, FrieslandCampina, Rabobank, Waterschap Rijn en IJssel, Vitens.


Coordinator name and contact::
Carel de Vries – [email protected]

Coordinator for EuroDairy:
Johan Temmink – [email protected]

Funding Organisations:
LTO Noord, for Farmers, Rabobank, provincie Gelderland, Vitens, Waterschap Rijn Ijssel, FrieslandCampina

Number of EuroDairy pilot farms: