Man, a development and success factor

Man, a development and success factor

Partners of the Pilot Farm “Gaec de Boisy” present their system and their strengths to build and run a more socio-economic resilient system.

They have been focusing on several things over the last few years, to develop their activities through added value research and increasing the number of staff on their farm (4 partners and 4 employees).

The key messages highlighted in this case study are:

  • Each member of staff have a specific skill area of which they focus on within the business
  • There is an economic goal to meet everyone's objectives: “to earn enough and to have enough people in order to meet our needs”
  • Polished organization and communication
  • A real employee management
  • Entrepreneurial spirit for employees and associates
  • A fascinating and evolving job, with a bright future (freedom, recognition, earn our living, opportunity to handle our project from start to finish!)

Interviews and scenario: Jean-Philippe GORON, PEP Bovin Lait Rhône-Alpes, Thierry HETREAU, Centre d’élevage de Poisy, Roger PALAZON, Idele (French Livestock Institute)

Captation and video editing: Thierry HETREAU & Philippe BERTE

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