Commercialisation and transformation, in a peri-urban area

Commercialisation and transformation, in a peri-urban area

Partners of the Pilot Farm “Gaec de la Ferme du Marjon” present their system and their strengths to build and run a more socio-economic resilient system.

They work on several things over the few last years, to take advantage of their peri-urban area, through technical mastery, transformation/commercialisation activity and conversion to organic farming. 

The key messages discussed in this case study are:

  • Adapting your system to a drying environment, with alfalfa and irrigation
  • A constant search for added value, with several activities on farm and transformation/commercialisation activity
  • A new, more functional and comfortable building in compliance with the new forage system (cubicles for cows, barn-dried hay)
  • Going organic farm: a new challenge
  • Communicating regularly to be efficient and share projects.

Interviews: Jean-Philippe GORON, PEP Bovin Lait Rhône-Alpes, Thierry HETREAU, Centre d’élevage de Poisy, Roger PALAZON, Idele (French Livestock Institute)

Captation and video editing: Thierry HETREAU & Philippe BERTE

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