EuroDairy network grows in Poland

On January 19, 2017, on the Warsaw University of Life Sciences ( SGGW ) prof. Piort Stypinski from Agronomy Department and a member of the EuroDairy Consortium organised together with the Polish Grassland Federation and Polish Agronomy Society the seminar about the main proposals and task of EuroDairy and he presented lecture about the assumptions of EuroDairy project and present activity with special attention on last General Meeting of ED in Bled (Slovenia In the seminar in Warsaw about forty people attended ( scientist, advisers, students and some farmers). After the presentation, it was an interesting discussion about the problems connected to dairy production and perspective for its development in Europe in the future.

Some questions were really very interested for example one student of agriculture (also a dairy farmer) wanted to know what is the common opinion about the possibility of reduce in Europe the import of GMO soya bean.

European consumers press for the policymakers for stopping or limitation export of that forage but it means that farmers have to use only GMO-free soya beans and it could be the one of the reasons of increasing the cost of production. It was also the information that one of Polish dairy processing company Piatnica established since 1st July 2016 the special labelling of milk products obtained from dairy cows whose were fed only GMO-free fodders (http:/ It was also a discussion about the situation of farmers who took large credit from the bank on dairy investments and now they are in a very difficult financial situation.

It has been concluded that information about the EuroDairy could be interested for Polish dairy farmers and they should be widespread by Polish agriculture press and social media.