About EuroDairy

EuroDairy is a new network to increase the economic, social and environmental sustainability of dairy farming in Europe, at a time of unprecedented challenge for the sector.

Thematic Network

The overall objective of EuroDairy is to establish a Thematic Network to increase the economic, environmental and social sustainability of European dairy farming. It will ‘unlock’ knowledge to increase the uptake of innovation and best practice.

Specific objectives are, too:



The uptake of best practice by exchanging knowledge on four priority themes (resource efficiency, biodiversity, animal care and socio-economic resilience).


And/or stimulate further innovative practice in order to provide solutions, or overcome barriers to implementation.


The scientific and practice-based knowledge created, into user-friendly formats and training materials. Disseminate this information widely to European dairy farmers.


Ideas from end-users for further innovation-driven research, and communicate these back to the EIP-AGRI network.

The EuroDairy network aims to put farmers at the centre of practice-based innovations by sharing knowledge and solutions. This network includes 14 countries from Ireland to Poland and Sweden to Italy focusing on four key themes: Socio-economic resilience, Biodiversity, Resource efficiency and animal care. 

At the heart of the EuroDairy network are 120 innovating pilot dairy farmers from across Europe who demonstrate best practice and push boundaries in the application of new innovations within these four EuroDairy themes.

Within the network farmer-driven ‘Operational Groups’ will come together to target specific problems or cross-border opportunities for the dairy sector.

EuroDairy follows on from Dairyman, and is funded by EU Horizon 2020 and more information on the programme is available here and further information EIP-Agri, here.